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About us?

Padilla Carretillas Elevadoras 4.0 SL was born from a new partnership between José Ramon Padilla (with more than 30 years in the sector) and Orenay Padilla (with more than 10 years in the sector).

After 20 years with Padilla Manipulación y Servicios (as founding partner) and more than 30 years with Orena y Padilla S.L., José Ramon Padilla has decided to change direction, and at the head of this new entity, bringing the experience and trust placed in him by clients throughout his career, he will continue to offer the response and closeness that have been the mainstay of his companies until now.

On the other hand, Orenay Padilla, as head of the after-sales and spare parts department and following the generational handover, will be an active part in this new stage, bringing freshness and continuing with the values that have made this family business a benchmark in the sector on the islands.

Our particular location in the Canary Islands, located on the axis that connects America with Europe and Africa, allows us to be the ideal distributor of machinery for storage wherever your facilities are. We dominate the new and second-hand markets of forklifts, sweepers, scrubbers and generator sets, providing after-sales, rental, renting and comprehensive maintenance services

With all the power and the endorsement of belonging to the first Procurement Service Provider in Europe, a VIP club to know more, buy better and be more competitive in which the best independent forklift truck distributors in Spain and Portugal can be found. .

Why we?

Belonging to Ática allows us to:

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