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Do you need the driver’s license and you are looking for a course that allows you to obtain it for join the world of work in a short time ? PADILLA FORKLIFT TRUCKS 4.0 SL offers forklift courses in Tenerife focused on those interested in acquiring the necessary knowledge to practice as a forklift operator, active employees who are exempt from the same practicing as such, Recycling of operators with outdated titles, etc.

The training of our course covers all the necessary aspects for a correct handling of all types of forklifts and pallet trucks, from the prevention of occupational risks, through knowledge of the regulations regarding the handling of forklifts to the guidelines for driving the trucks. themselves. Upon completion, our students obtain their driver’s license.

Job vacancies

All students who are unemployed at the time of taking the course will form part of a job bank, so that once they have the qualification we will pass on their details to all our clients. In this way, if the company has a vacancy, they will contact them.

The training covers the following points

Regulation of forklift operators and why it is necessary to obtain the forklift course to carry out some jobs within the company. It informs about the obligations, responsibilities and rights of the forklift driver. Prevention of occupational hazards is essential in this regard

Types of forklifts that exist in the market, which you may have to use for your job

You will learn to carry out the maintenance of forklifts, to avoid having accidents and to improve the productivity of operators and machines. The physical and technical characteristics of forklifts are explained, as well as some basic maintenance notions.

You will gain knowledge of the rules of the road for forklift operators and what to do and what not to do when operating a forklift.

In the practical preparation, you will be taught how to correctly drive the forklifts, to stow pallets on racks and to handle loads on the ground with front and reach trucks.

Attendee Profile

Warehouse workers, factory workers, logistics department personnel, workshop personnel, inexperienced personnel or personnel who need to correct bad vices acquired in the way of driving a forklift.

We will process the necessary documentation to the companies for help and subsidy Tripartite Foundation.

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